Protest, More of the Same

The occupation of wall street is still going on… A similar occupation is in the early stages of being organized in Philadelphia.

I mean- yeah its exciting and engages the imagination- but, I feel like its a movie I’ve seen before.

Its starting to get cold outside at night so we’ll see what role that plays. On a side note, just about a year ago at this time, during the summer and fall, I was unemployed and living on couches and in shelters and on park benches. Luckily, I was able to find a job and save up and get a place before winter. Cold is painful.

There’s going to be a general assembly for the Philadelphia occupation downtown tomorrow at one of the churches. I think I might go…

The faults protesters highlight have been articulated in many places from academia, to left leaning media outlets, and they’ve been experienced in the everyday lives of many people… the question that I find interesting is to what end will protesters go to see that the highlighted faults are addressed… That’s what’s left to be seen and is really the only thing “new”…


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