Occupy Everything: For We Won’t Pay for Your Crisis

OCCUPY EVERYTHING. That’s what a woman said while giving a speech to a crowd standing in Washington Square park in NYC. The crowd assembled there for the first time last weekend to hold a General Assembly and to possibly set up another encampment. I was there. Zuccotti  Park, the sight of the original encampment, had become overcrowded and they needed new space.

Its been a week since then and Occupy Wall Street is beginning to branch out into other parts of the city. Smaller Occupy Wall Street Solidarity encampments  have also been set up in cities and towns across the nation…

All I Want for Christmas is the Death of Neoliberalism

Its hard to say what other encampments are like; I can only speak for NYC and Philadelphia as they are they only ones I’ve visited and participated in…

NYC is focused and uncompromising and they keep bringing to light NEOLIBERALISM and ECONOMIC INEQUALITY time and again and I can’t do anything other than offer support. You can’t hit the nail on the head any more squarely.  This country suffers from cultural hegemony rooted in neoliberlism which results in ridiculously staggering economic inequality which is then used as leverage by the powerful few to write the rules to ensure that the current social, economic, and political relations are reproduced in their favor.

In some ways, I think Occupy Philadelphia is rooted in the same beliefs and goals as the Occupy Wall Street movement but at the same time it wants to assert its own identity.

What’s in a Name?  Liberal, Left Out

The funny and telling thing about these occupation movements are their avoidance of the terms “Left” or “Liberal”. Because that’s essentially what this is all about. The values being promoted by these movements are essentially rooted in Liberal thought and none of them are particularly new. In this country, the Right has been so strong in dominating the national discourse, especially through the Reagan 80’s and the 90’s cultural wars, that to have anything to do with being Left or Liberal became a liability that few wanted to possess. This movement marks the first time in a long time that Left / Liberal values are being promoted forcefully and unabashedly-even if those terms are not being used.

Again, Always Historize or Don’t

They last thing I wanted to point out was the Media’s ahistorical account of Occupy Wall Street and this past Saturday’s, 15 Oct 2011, global day of action. In short, the media keeps presenting Occupy Wall Street as a precursor to similar Occupation and Protest actions taking place around the world, in Europe and the Middle East particularly. FOR THE RECORD, the reverse is true. Occupy Wall Street was influenced by events outside of the United States. Europe and the Middle East felt pain from and responded to the tyrannical global economic system first. The tactics (occupations), targets (financial capital), effects (precariousness, lifetime student loan debt entrapment), etc… were all used and highlighted outside of the United States before they migrated here. Between Philadelphia and NYC, I’ve heard many protesters themselves make the claim that the Occupy Wall Street movement was spreading overseas. Wake up people.  Gain a broader view of this picture- its needed in order for this movement to have any success.


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