Sleep Tight Sleepy Heads

On his blog ( Jason Read points out the contradictory nature of the OWS “movement”. In response, I largely agree with his assessment.

Full Link: (

My reply:

American Dreaming can only last so long; then you realize its all wrong.

To the original poster: In regards to the latter part of your post, I see where you’re coming from and I’m right there with you. Basically, it seems you’re a proponent of Gramsci’s cultural hegemony theory and imply that its in practice within the United States. I’ll tell you this… if the current “middle class, American Dream, etc…” ideology dies, I won’t complain. It’s a necessary ingredient for systemic change.

Moreover, you’re right; this movement is currently a curious hodgepodge of societal problems of the last several decades. As a product of the 90s cultural wars, right now the movement is trying to be more than politically correct, its attempting to be politically perfect. Its almost laughable. I can’t attend an occupation event without laughing because its truly a spectacle. And for the record, the values being promoted by this movement are historically liberal. Why can’t this be articulated? Its just further testament to how tarnished the terms liberal and left have become. Anyway, I laugh not because I’m not sympathetic… I am liberal/progressive and I’m hopeful concerning the latest developments of the OWS movement. …I’m a fixture at the occupation in Philadelphia. I suppose its just funny to see this whole thing play out. The social justice aspects of this movement present huge hurdles that will need to be jumped successfully or they will become large obstructing mountains that the movement will try to hilariously go around without confronting…


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