Open Questions 1

So here we have OPEN QUESTIONS

OPEN QUESTIONS is an open forum for pressing questions, seldom asked elsewhere, that beg to be answered. I don’t have the answers do you?? This is the first in an ongoing series.

1.) If the average OWS protester could be “magically” placed into the now much bandied about 1%; would he do anything different from what one per centers are currently doing; or have done in the past?

2.) Within the contemporary cultural climate, does art, music, politics or anything outside of paid work, maintain its relevance to individuals past their early twenties?

3.) Since love isn’t real, what are all of these couples doing running around together?

4.) What’s worse, Stalin or Mao’s overt tyranny or the quiet ideological tyranny that has run rampant within American society from its start which seeks to turn man into machine and turn profitable all forms of relations which transpire between men?

“I need some answers here…

you’re going to have to do some talking.”


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