Postmodern Protests: Now we’re all grasping at straws.

Around the middle of last month, 13 Oct. 2011, I tried to get this blogger that I follow to do a column on OWS documenting the postmodern effects seen within the demonstrations. I figured like its manifestation in other forms, the characteristics of postmodernism would be initially met with praise and viewed as emancipatory but then eventually become a cage… The blogger never picked up on my idea so I’d figured I post it here…

“… I have a post idea that maybe you could run with…  I don’t have time or an outlet… but, I’ve been attending these demonstrations in NYC and Philly and I’ve been having some thoughts.

Basically, I think you could position the Occupy Wall Street demonstration and the ones that followed across the country as postmodern protests. Comparisons can be made between the freedom in postmodernism’s break from rules and forms as an initial positive benefit, as evidenced in early postmodern art, and then later as a negative consequence or hurdle to overcome (if that’s even possible) due to a lack of grounding. The leaderless, formlessness of the demonstrations could be seen initially as a benefit; however, I can see that freedom becoming a negative in the future.

Characteristics include formlessness, indebtedness/references to the past- in terms of dress, style, and tactics (pastiche), the lack of “demands,” etc… Stifling self-awareness… and the policing of political correctness so literally every group is included… Also, there’s something to be said about the inability for the future or direction of this movement to be articulated. And you could throw in something about celebrities showing up at the park…

…I think there’s something to the protesters’ complete self-awareness with the role they’re playing and their position in the historical continuum. I’ve come across more people concerned with being a part of history or making a mark for the sake of making a mark than people who are actually strongly concerned with changing or challenging something- like the criminality of financial capitalists and their role in the financial crisis.

…and there’s also this complete techno fetishism that seems to be prevalent…”


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