What’s it all mean, What’s it all for…

Over at the Occupy Philadelphia media site I made a post attempting to provide direction. It largely went unnoticed. Who knows what the future will bring. The following is my post:

ONE ISSUE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

This movement has jumped into a pool of big issues and we’re drowning.

Our working groups are spread too thin and they are headed in too many different directions. Direct actions have addressed many issues but our numbers are decreasing. Our encampment is experiencing precariousness. We need one issue that we can really impact here in Philadelphia.

STOP thinking about the Spokes Council restructuring…

STOP worrying about the city…

STOP talking about anything else…

Starting now, let’s use the GA to come to a CONSENSUS about what OUR one issue will be…

At the GA let’s only talk about this one issue. Let’s put CoCo on hiatus. There will be no leaders. The only thing that will matter is one issue that is bigger than any of us. We should use every non-violent tactic available to address this issue. We should show everyone the power of collective action and the strength of a unified voice. Many across the nation are in a similar situation and are waiting… Let’s start it here.

We need to create change now. We need to decide upon this one issue now.

Spread this idea. Talk about this within your working groups. Bring this up at GA.

With a small win and a real change to the status quo we will only continue to grow larger and from there we can take on additional issues and restructure as necessary…


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