A Battle Over Control of the Apparatus for the Creation of People

The Commoner

Issue 10

Spring/Summer 2005


“The economy”, after all, is ultimately a gigantic system of means and not of ends. Neoclassical economics has in fact only been able to make a successful claim to being a science since it has effectively vanished the analysis of ends—of values, of why people want the things they do—entirely from its purview. It can thus reduce human life to a series of strategies by which rational actors try to accumulate different forms of value: while exiling the study of value itself to other, inferior, disciplines: psychology, sociology, anthropology, and so on. (What this comes down to in practice is an insistence on treating all human behavior with total cynicism, and then treating the ability to do so as a value in itself. Hence, students learning rational choice analysis are endlessly told that one should not look at, say, idealists who sacrifice themselves for a cause as acting selflessly, but rather, as maximizing the feelings of self-satisfaction they get out of the knowledge that they are sacrificing themselves; while the obvious question—”why is it that anyone can get such feelings of self-satisfaction out of self-sacrifice in the first place?”—is treated as irrelevant.) The moment we refuse to sever these things, however, we realize that what on a personal level is a battle for access to the right to behave altruistically becomes, on a political level, a battle over control of the apparatus for the creation of people.





Who was I,

to think that I,

could hold on you?

So long…


I loved you.

(and still do)


Now it seems that,

what I loved you for,

isn’t who you are anymore;

or else,

I never knew you.


Running Fast, Past People

Running Fast, Past People

When I asked for an apology…

The people who hurt me,

told me…

“…stop living in the past.”

…so I moved forward and left them,

in my past.

Weather Report

Weather Report

The blue sky, seen through the window, lets me know;

that its light outside.

Inside I’m dark; due to time, and because…

living is dying and life’s dirty like stained clothes,

and yet still, no one seems to know, why the caged bird sings.


I keep hope alive; otherwise, I’d die…

So I look outside (myself);

and the blue sky, seen through the window, lets me know;

that its light outside.

Love Left Quickly…

Love Left Quickly…


My heart has been ripped apart and inside I bleed…

This woman left me and cut me out of her life.

Someday, I hoped that she would be my wife…

What went wrong?

Ten thousand tissues are not enough to stop the blood rush…

Farewell forever my former friend. 








You rocked crazy pale blue eyes…

and pale red hair!

I loved your self-doubt and small body.

I loved picking you up.

I think that you may have loved me; but,

it seems that at some point,

your love for me went away.

I’ll forever love my memories of you.


Kissing your lips and touching your soft face took me to a heavenly place.

And your mind…

Did you always just agree with me, or were we really meant to be together;

even if not forever, and only for a moment?


I guess that until I die my memories (of you) will forever haunt me.

I hope that you’re doing well…

Cheers, here’s to Amy!



I have a backlog of poetry that I wrote while running around Philadelphia for the last few years or so… so I’m going to be posting a lot more poetry; using this site as an online repository. Basically, the last few years have been harder than I could have imagined and I notebooked a lot of material… I found myself in umimaginiable places… Anyway, having found a job and now having time and a little stability, I’m trying to put myself back together…

Just wanted to provide a heads up… (oh, and on the streets, you never really sleep- its next to impossible)