A Sea Change

The following passage reminded me of someone I once knew. I read this awhile ago and marked it in a notebook I’ve recently come across.

Lois Gould, A Sea Change, p. 32, Simon and Schuster 1976

“Still, most of her friends eventually found her trying. She demanded too much attention. Clinging to other people’s lives. Lives she considered more lustrous than her own. Like a drowning victim, and then kicking and thrashing to deny that they were merely letting her hang on. She professed utter devotion and utter contempt for some people at the same time. And she almost always got away with it, for a little while. Showering everyone with her poisonous favors. Telephoning constantly; sending flowers and small thoughtful gifts; confessing her own most shameful flaws so that others would be disarmed and tell her theirs. She collected people’s fears, sins, sexual ineptitudes, failures and misfortunes, and crawled inside them for as long as she was allowed to stay. It was a living.”


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