India Menuez: This Is What Amy Looked Liked

I just wasted ten bucks on this film, Something in the Air / Apres Mai, that The New Yorker’s Richard Brody rightfully trashed…

which can be found here:

Here are some choice qoutes, and by the way, I want my money back. I only read this review after seeing the movie and all of the other reviews seemingly liked the movie. I and Mr. Brody HATED it. Here are some choice qoutes:

In lieu of original creative energy, it offers a complacent sincerity peopled with dewy, modelish youths and adorned with markers of a political, literary, and artistic culture that it doesn’t explore or examine or transform at all but, rather, displays as part of a living museum of a storied time.

Its brief political citations from classic works representative of the era’s prominent ideologies set up simplistic lines of conflict and make big choices appear all too easy in retrospect; the movie is bathed in nostalgia, which it fuels by way of the intellectual equivalent of product placement.

Instead, the movie appears as a living example of the cherished-project theory: namely, that the dearer a planned movie is to a filmmaker, the closer the subject is to a filmmaker’s heart, the longer the filmmaker has nourished the dream of making it, the more likely it is that the filmmaker will be unable to approach the material with the necessary ruthlessness and will lapse into self-satisfaction and even self-parody.


In any event, in respect to this blog post’s title and after seeing the above movie, I found an actress who reminded me of Amy.

This is what Amy looked like:


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