Notes On Money

I was listening to this podcast, Against the Grain, today and wanted leave some notes here.


David Hawkes, Arizona State University

David Hawkes, “Faust Among the Witches: Towards An Ethics of Representation” Early Modern Culture

“The person gives up a portion of his life in exchange for a symbol of that portion. This symbol, which is money, then obtains a subjective power so that it determines the lives of the people whose activities it represents. A money economy is one in which people are ruled by a fetishized representation of themselves. A market economy is one ruled by this ghostly dead but supernaturally active power called money.”

David Hawkes, Ideology Routledge, 2003 (revised 2d ed.)

David Hawkes, The Culture of Usury in Renaissance England Palgrave Macmillan, 2010


Time is inseparable from life and self. When time is sold, life / the self are sold.

Exchange value is symbolic and imposed upon use value. Money is a medium of exchange.

Experience, Subject / Experienced, Object


Cracked and Broken in ’88

Cracked and Broken in ’88

“Just wiped me out for nothing, straight-off the map,

a fifty-seven year sentence for a small amount of crack,” he said at the foot of his bed.

“Got caught-up!” he said again.

Wiped me out, straight-off the map, was all he thought.

“Sentencing for powder can’t stand next to its own degenerate concentrate form,” they say.

“Stricter sentencing for crack must be had,” they say.

Lost neighborhoods, lost souls,

in America that’s just the way it goes…