23 May 2018

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Good Days

This is a post recording the consecutive number of good days that I’m trying to accumulate. Nothing else has seemed to work.

6 days



ROLLING BLACKOUTS sound more fun than they actually are

ROLLING BLACKOUTS sound more fun than they actually are


heart beat

It all seems the same forever





He lingers on notions of class. Who are these office workers, exactly? Somehow they are “neither of the working class nor of the elite holders of capital.” They dress well; they’re clean and pale, as aristocrats once were.

Can we refer to office workers, as some do, as knowledge workers? Perhaps not. Mr. Saval quotes Peter Drucker, the management consultant, who said: “They expect to be ‘intellectuals.’ And they find that they are just ‘staff.’ ” The author says it out loud:

“The United States is a nation of clerks.”

“Man is born free, but he is everywhere in cubicles.”