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He lingers on notions of class. Who are these office workers, exactly? Somehow they are “neither of the working class nor of the elite holders of capital.” They dress well; they’re clean and pale, as aristocrats once were.

Can we refer to office workers, as some do, as knowledge workers? Perhaps not. Mr. Saval quotes Peter Drucker, the management consultant, who said: “They expect to be ‘intellectuals.’ And they find that they are just ‘staff.’ ” The author says it out loud:

“The United States is a nation of clerks.”

“Man is born free, but he is everywhere in cubicles.”

Principal Investigator Dr. Lena Valentin

Principal Investigator Dr. Lena Valentin

with pockets full of miracles, Morning-After Pills

deviation reports and adverse events and

numerous field alerts were issued then righteously ignored

she perceives what they perceive because she’s the receiver

she plucks strings out of the air and makes music

with the shapes and colors of her thoughts

but she always eventually returns to her loneliness, alone in her room

she conducts in-depth interviews with herself

what a Sweetheart Deal


she, a lead investigator, using unproven non-laws of science

led her employees to warn authorities about her writings

and stockpiles of field alerts stored in medical garden files

and flowers of “what-to-do” and “how-to-do-it” folders, trees, and shrubs

her thoughts always move back and forth

between insane and lunatic

(thanks to the ghosts of her former friends floating around in her head)

watching TV she was hit over the head with inertia reinforced by corporate media

corporate marketing, she’s the receiver, helps her perceive what they perceive

it makes her want to secretly let old society housed “in the ( false ) shell of the new” fall

and then stop anyone from trying to catch it

while watching TV she thinks that everyone

should sit back and enjoy some “hopey-changey” stuff

( yes we can! )

and throw away votes in ballot boxes acting like trash cans


her confessions caught on video tapes and paper records

were set adrift on the hot flames in the fireplace in her room

her perverse obstinacy rose

she knew, she knew

her eccentricities and deficiencies were

cute only to her eager suitors and not to her employees

she knew evidence should not exist ( Goodbye! )

nor should existential pouting which is like walking on a treadmill

happiness can only be found in letting go of desire


scientists are built on the feedback they receive

and now she knows that fact

and now she knows what her employees

and what companies want

which is:

a nice liberal equivalent of right-wing fantasies about “family values”

fortunately, she could not comply

Charles Swan III

As far as I’m concerned A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III is the best break-up movie I’ve seen in awhile…

Wolfe, Loneliness, and Italy in the 70s

Thomas Wolfe (1900-1938), in God’s Lonely Man (undated as an essay):

“The whole conviction of my life now rests upon the belief that loneliness, far from being a rare and curious phenomenon, peculiar to myself and to a few other solitary men, is the central and inevitable fact of human existence. When we examine the moments, acts, and statements of all kinds of people—not only the grief and ecstasy of the greatest poets, but also the huge unhappiness of the average soul…we find, I think, that they are all suffering from the same thing. The final cause of their complaint is loneliness.”[46]

Guerriglia e guerra rivoluzionaria in Italia [Guerrilla Warfare and Revolutionary War in Italy]
by Sabino S. Acquaviva
Rizzoli (Milan), 179 pp., 5,500 Lire

II seme religioso della rivolta [The Religious Seed of Revolt]
by Sabino S. Acquaviva
Rusconi (Milan), 151 pp., 3,000 Lire 
Given the pervasiveness of such terrorism in this most civilized of countries, one welcomes the efforts of Sabino S. Acquaviva, sociologist at the University of Padua and Visiting Fellow at All Souls, Oxford, to cut beneath the surface and to try to reach its underlying causes. He has undertaken to explain the ideology of the radical left in his Guerrilla Warfare and Revolutionary War in Italy and to trace its social psychology in The Religious Seed of Revolt. The two books overlap and in a sense have their unnamed subject in Toni Negri himself, one of those “clamorous cases of people,” as Acquaviva puts it, “who began with a militant commitment to Catholic Action only to end up, in the space of a few years and via complex and troublesome intellectual odysseys, as militants or theoreticians in armed revolutionary groups.”

1.       Acquaviva claims that one element of continuity between the Catholic ideology these activists abandoned and the revolutionary one they embraced is found in their strong sense of moralism. I recall that some time ago a young revolutionary who still claimed to believe in God told me:

“Some big politician wanted that highway built [near Padua], and it cost 1.5 trillion lire that could have been used for cardiac or dialysis centers which we still don’t have…. But the highway was worth more votes than a hospital or cardiac center, and therefore someone who could have been saved is dying because that road was built. Now who is the worse killer? I who shoot that politician and maybe prevent his crime from being repeated, or that politician who kills every day?”

2.       Acquaviva finds a second element contributing to Autonomia in the crisis of identity that Italian Marxism has suffered in its long march from postwar Stalinism to present-day revisionism. Especially since 1973, when the PCI came out for the historic compromise with the Christian Democrats, many Italians have come to see the Party not as an adversary of capitalist society so much as a component of it, a moderate force for reforming the work ethic in Italy rather than a revolutionary movement to abolish it. For the Autonomists, the PCI hardly seems the place to enact the end of alienation that they take to be the promise of Marxism. For them, only the “refusal of work,” that is, absolute opposition to salaried labor, is true to the revolutionary spirit of Marx.
3.       Here enters the third element, the counterculture of personal liberation and self-fulfillment. Before it is a political movement, Acquaviva notes, Autonomia is a will to enjoy life rather than to have to earn it, a radical rejection of any society which, instead of enriching its citizens, dominates and represses them with an ethical system that insists that value comes through uncreative work. For the Autonomists the key word (it is Negri’s) has become autovalorizzazione, which can be translated as falling somewhere between self-fulfillment and self-assertion. In this concept the personal and the political meet, and more often than not Dylan pipes the tune and Marx dances.

New Peaks Will Rise

New Peaks Will Rise

We Can’t ‘GO’ It Alone, or

“Yes we can!”

(crowd applause)

Not in response to court orders

but in response to Keeping up with the pace of business

and maintaining an acceptable

l e v e l

of (mis)understandable nonsense (which is what it all is)

in the form of fictitious financial capital

as valuable as Hasbro’s monopoly money


a recent independent study found an existing anti-reality vaccine

given in a course of three shots

may be effective in only two-

with help from the Human Trials Transformation Initiative

the initiator can turn into the verifier and assure mutual destruction

by holding fast to strong beliefs in neoliberalism


We Can’t ‘GO’ It Alone, or

“Yes we can!”

and don’t worry, fair market competition

will not exist (crowd applause)

Above the ridge new peaks will rise

redundancy is resilience

which ensures system availability

 in the event of inevitably failed

meritocratic markers and markets, and

accelerating precarity 


We Can’t ‘GO’ It Alone, or

“Yes we can!”

“Yes we can!”

“Yes we can!”

(crowd applause)

whistle blown

whistle blown

Schizophrenia is a neurologically degenerative disease or so doctors say…

     a step-by-step guide

is sometimes needed

to handle confidential (info)r-ma  tio n

he has the experience

in varying areas

making it time to shape up


with hands-on healthcare jobs know

a reputable holding company failed to do its job


somebody must pay