We live in a time of excess…

Modernism / Postmodernism / Post-Postmodernism

Romanticism / Symbolism ‘Pataphysics / Dadaism Neurotic realism / Photoshopism
Form (conjunctive,closed) Antiform (disunctive,open) Internet (connective,endless)
Purpose Play Game
Design Chance Code
Hierarchy Anarchy Network
Mastery / Logos Exhaustion / Silence Excess / Cacophany
Art Object / Finished Work Process / Performance / Happening Fluidity / Seriality / Event
Distance Participation Immersion / Interactivity
Creation / Totalization Decreation / Deconstruction Re-creation
Synthesis Antithesis ––––
Presence Absence Access
Centering Dispersal Nomadism / Mobility
Genre / Boundary Text / Intertext Medium / Paratext
Semantics Rhetoric Iconology
Paradigm Syntagm Database
Hypotaxis Parataxis Permutation
Metaphor Metonymy Oxymoron
Selection Combination Remix
Root / Depth Rhizome / Surface Morph / Space
Interpretation / Reading Against interpretation / Misreading Experiencing / Rereading
Signified Signifier Mediation
Lisible (Readerly) Scriptible (Writerly) Interactive (Wreaderly)
Narrative / Grande Histoire Anti-narrative / Petite Historie Multi-narrative / Hypertext
Master Code Idiolect HTML
Symptom Desire Sensation
Type Mutant Cyborg / Clone
Genital / Phallic Polymorphous / Androgynous Performative / Nongender
Paranoia Schizophrenia Autism / ADHD
Origin / Cause Diffrence-Differance / Trace ––––
God the Father The Holy Ghost Google
Metaphysics Irony Trust / Earnestness
Determinacy Interderminacy Relationality
Transcendence Immanence DNA / Faith


Cracked and Broken in ’88

Cracked and Broken in ’88

“Just wiped me out for nothing, straight-off the map,

a fifty-seven year sentence for a small amount of crack,” he said at the foot of his bed.

“Got caught-up!” he said again.

Wiped me out, straight-off the map, was all he thought.

“Sentencing for powder can’t stand next to its own degenerate concentrate form,” they say.

“Stricter sentencing for crack must be had,” they say.

Lost neighborhoods, lost souls,

in America that’s just the way it goes…

Principal Investigator Dr. Lena Valentin

Principal Investigator Dr. Lena Valentin

with pockets full of miracles, Morning-After Pills

deviation reports and adverse events and

numerous field alerts were issued then righteously ignored

she perceives what they perceive because she’s the receiver

she plucks strings out of the air and makes music

with the shapes and colors of her thoughts

but she always eventually returns to her loneliness, alone in her room

she conducts in-depth interviews with herself

what a Sweetheart Deal


she, a lead investigator, using unproven non-laws of science

led her employees to warn authorities about her writings

and stockpiles of field alerts stored in medical garden files

and flowers of “what-to-do” and “how-to-do-it” folders, trees, and shrubs

her thoughts always move back and forth

between insane and lunatic

(thanks to the ghosts of her former friends floating around in her head)

watching TV she was hit over the head with inertia reinforced by corporate media

corporate marketing, she’s the receiver, helps her perceive what they perceive

it makes her want to secretly let old society housed “in the ( false ) shell of the new” fall

and then stop anyone from trying to catch it

while watching TV she thinks that everyone

should sit back and enjoy some “hopey-changey” stuff

( yes we can! )

and throw away votes in ballot boxes acting like trash cans


her confessions caught on video tapes and paper records

were set adrift on the hot flames in the fireplace in her room

her perverse obstinacy rose

she knew, she knew

her eccentricities and deficiencies were

cute only to her eager suitors and not to her employees

she knew evidence should not exist ( Goodbye! )

nor should existential pouting which is like walking on a treadmill

happiness can only be found in letting go of desire


scientists are built on the feedback they receive

and now she knows that fact

and now she knows what her employees

and what companies want

which is:

a nice liberal equivalent of right-wing fantasies about “family values”

fortunately, she could not comply

doxylamine succinate and pyridoxine hydrochloride

doxylamine succinate and pyridoxine hydrochloride

the FDA

for the first time in decades

approved a


morning sickness

remedy (to keep nausea and vomiting in check)

for those in pregnancy or

(off-label) for

those afflicted with

liquor drinking disease

-this has been a public service announcement-

dissipate conventional familiarities

 dissipate conventional familiarities

make a mistake,

and you might whisper the right decision into their ear

emergency based

contraceptives available

without a prescription-

without point-of-sale

or age restrictions;

prepare and conduct formal meetings

enact efforts to “get the ball rolling”

new processes, old ideas

with procedures to control

everything in  –  between


make a mistake,

and you might whisper the right decision into their ear

whistle blown

whistle blown

Schizophrenia is a neurologically degenerative disease or so doctors say…

     a step-by-step guide

is sometimes needed

to handle confidential (info)r-ma  tio n

he has the experience

in varying areas

making it time to shape up


with hands-on healthcare jobs know

a reputable holding company failed to do its job


somebody must pay

Library List

I’m keeping a list of people, books, and movies that I want to check out when I go to the library. I often go to the library and forget my list or get lost looking around, etc… so keeping a reference here that I can easily access and change will help.

Dennis Cooper



E. M. Forster

Louise Erdrich

Ann Beattie

Michel Houellebecq

Terry Southern


 Algren, The Man with the Golden Arm