When She Was Young and “All Radical”

From the Chronicle of Higher Education blog (http://chronicle.com/blogs) Laurie Essing recounts her youth when she was young and “all radical” and in her post she positions herself as “all grown up” and postulates that occupiers may be missing the “personal face” aspect of that which they are railing against. I think she underestimates the protesters. (http://chronicle.com/blogs /brainstorm/eat-the-old) Here’s my reply:

Many want to “simplify” the whole occupy movement by making it “only” about economic issues. I say “simplify” because the economic issue is a beast in and of itself. Occupiers hate all that came before which contributed to the mess that we’re currently in… …the entire complacent culture which fostered our current reality. Why do you think people are trying to set up their own encampments with different stations, etc… and are experimenting with direct democracy?  They want SYSTEMIC change. They don’t want any part of the bullshit which includes ideas like, “every generation has it tough, blah, blah,” and “go along, get along, stop making a fuss.”

Will this movement grow tired and eventually conform and go away? …or will they take a mallet to the system and pound out a place so that they can exist? Only time will tell.

And yes, I’m sure occupiers are aware of “personal faces…” The fact of the matter is that they are probably too aware of the personal side of the movement. Many have had their lives and the lives of those they know not only touched but destroyed by current economic relations and the effects they produce. I’ve personally seen (witnessed and experienced) so much poverty and hardship in the last few years… of which I thought that I could avoid or ignore but couldn’t; and NOW I know that I’m not alone.